Home Reports

From 1st December 2008 anyone marketing a house for sale in Scotland must provide a Home report to potential buyers. The seller is responsible for providing this report.

The report contains three sections:-

The Single Survey

  • Detailed information about the condition and value of the property
  • An audit of accessible features useful for older or disabled people, and parents with young children

Energy Report

  • Efficiency rating and environmental impact of the home in terms of carbon emissions
  • Helps buyers to compare energy costs between different properties
  • Recommends ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions of the property

Property questionnaire

  • Additional useful information for potential buyers
  • Includes information on council tax band, parking facilities, factoring arrangements, local authority notices and alterations made to the property.
  • Intended to reduce the risk of difficulties or delays in completing the sale.

The single survey and energy certificate will be compiled by a Chartered Surveyor, but the questionnaire will be completed by the seller or their agent.

The Home Report has no shelf life in terms of the legislation beyond which it must be updated. The legislation only provides that the report must be prepared prior to the commencement of marketing.

However, if a buyer requires a mortgage, the lender is unlikely to accept a valuation survey which is more than 3 months old. In such a situation an updated report may be required to enable the buyer to obtain a mortgage. There is nothing in the legislation regarding who should pay for this update and that is therefore a matter between the buyer and the seller. The cost of the update will however only be a small proportion of the original cost.

We can provide the full package for the Home Report, using the surveyor of our client’s choice.

We can also offer a deferred payment package to avoid incurring the cost of the report at the outset of marketing.

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